Different Types of Wall Paints

 There are many different types of wall paints available in the market by the renowned manufacturers, such as ICI, Dulux, Jotun, KCC and Nippon. The more you gain knowledge about the different types of paints and the effects they can create, the better you will be in the position to make the choice. Also, you don’t necessarily have to go with one type of wall paint in one room. Different rooms can use different types of paints.

Matt Paint

Matt paint is perhaps the most popular type of paint for interiors. The best thing about these paints is that there is no shine or gloss and hence they are perfect for the places where you don’t want any visual distractions. Although these paints are very easy to apply, you may need to apply many coats to get the best results. You can use the roller or a brush to apply this type of paint. They are the best for the walls that have holes, crevices and other imperfections. Therefore, they are good for the old houses. The problem with these paints is that they get easily marked. While there are some marks that get removed if you are using a damp cloth, you may still require regular repainting.


Satin is the type of wall paint which is well known but hardly understood. Satin gives you the result which finds the middle ground between gloss and matt. Therefore, you can say that it will give a low and soft sheen. Therefore, if you have a wall that requires regular cleaning, this is the paint to go for. Satin is not good for walls with imperfections and thus you will need to prepare the wall well before painting.


Eggshell Paint

Eggshell paint gives you a subtle shine but is as smooth as satin. This means that it can be used over the imperfect walls as well. It is quite easy to apply and gives the desired results in a single coat.