Understanding the Wall Paint Brushes

You may have bought the best quality paint but it you will get the desirable results only when you choose the right brush to paint. There are so many types of brushes available in the market that it might leave you completely confused. Here are a few things to know about the wall paint brushes. This knowledge can make your choice easier.


Filaments to Choose From

The hair strands on the brush are termed as filaments. Primarily, there are three different types of filaments you can choose from:

  1. Synthetic Filament: This type of filament is actually good for all types of paints. However, it gives the best results with the water based paints.
  2. 100% Pure Bristle: This type of filament is not good for the water based paints. If you are using the oil based paints then this filament is the right choice.
  3. Polybristle Blend: This is another filament which is best used with the oil based paints.


Brush Styles

  • Paint or Wall Brushes: These are the most popular types of brushes available in the market and are widely used. They have a shorter handle as compared to the cutter brushes. They are meant for the painting jobs and are available in a number of sizes.
  • Cutter Brushes: These types of brushes are used for cutting in and they are used before roller painting. They are best for window frames, doors, ceilings and corners. These brushes do not have as many filaments as the wall brushes as they do not need to hold a lot of paint.

They come with long handles so that the strokes can be controlled well. They are available in a number of shapes and sizes.


Brush Quality

 A good quality brush has the higher capacity to hold the paint. They are smooth in application and do now spatter the paint.